As a life-long fan of the Florida Gators, it always fills me with pride to say that I am a part of the Gator Nation. I received both my undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Florida, and my Wife, Father and Sister are all Gator Alums.

However, I take to this forum today to say that I cannot remember being as proud of a Florida Gator as I am of former Gator place kicker Eddie Pineiro. Pineiro came to the rescue of a woman being attacked by her boyfriend. This crime of domestic violence could have ended in tragedy but for the quick actions of Piniero, who rushed downstairs to the woman’s aid. He was joined in the rescue by his Father.

Too often these days, we hear only of the negative actions of sports stars. It is sometimes the case that even Gator and former Gator athletic stars have been the perpetrators of these vicious acts, much to the horror and embarrassment of Gator Nation. However, Piniero, who’s name is often chanted during Gator football games as he kicks fifty-plus yard field goals, has now shown us all that true glory is found in the selfless actions of aiding victims of domestic violence.

The Gainesville Police Department awarded Piniero and his Father with the Police Service Award. Piniero himself took to Twitter to encourage respectful behavior. I’m sure Piniero will fill the hearts of Gator Nation with pride on Sunday’s in the NFL excelling in football. But, it will be his act of heroism in Gainesville on October 15, 2017, that may end up being his true legacy as a human being. Cheers to you Eddy from all those here at Benjamin & Melmer, LLC, for your actions in the struggle against domestic violence.