Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh was recently in an Orlando area family court petitioning a judge to allow him to spend more time with his young child. Bosh was never married to his ex-girlfriend, Allison Mathis, but the two share custody of their 3 year old daughter. Mathis claims that Bosh had every opportunity to see his daughter, but his busy schedule as an NBA superstar caused him to miss out on time with his daughter.
This is nothing new in the family law world. One thing to point out, that this article does a good job illustrating, is the frustration courts have with litigating these issues. Family court judges want the parties to work out these matters amongst themselves. That is where a collaborative and competent attorney whose interests are in solving his client’s problems and not racking up billable hours, can come into play. A good family law attorney should always try to take emotions out of these cases, or at least lower the temperature to the point where real progress can take place. As expected, this is often an insurmountable task.
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