Minimizing the Cost of Divorce Divorce can be an expensive undertaking, but there are several ways to minimize the money you spend and still ensure a positive result.  Let’s take a look at just a few of things each and every client can do to keep their costs down.

1. Choose an Early Mediation – While mediation may be required before you get your day in court in all divorce cases her in Miami-Dade, there is no requirement as to when it must occur.  The sooner you can get to mediation, theoretically, the sooner you can resolve your case.  Of course, both parties still must engage in the often-huge undertaking of coming to an agreement on all the issues, but if you have two participants that are open to such an amicable resolution, mediation is truly the easiest way to go.  Even better still is a pre-suit mediation, which would occur before the parties even file and open a court case.  Obviously consult with

2. Don’t Treat Your Attorney as Your Therapist – If you want to complain, call a real therapist.  Your being charged by your attorney for every telephone call and email you send complaining about your soon to be ex-spouse and your attorney will almost always be billing you at a higher rate then a real mental health professional.  Don’t get me wrong, the attorney will always answer your call and respond to your emails, but your wallet will be a little lighter because of it.

3. Pay Attention to Details and Don’t Pay Your Attorney to Do Things You Can Do Yourself– Believe it or not there are a lot of things that the client can do himself/herself to cut down on their attorney’s fees.  When it comes to things such as financial disclosures, financial affidavits and discovery responses, if the client pays attention to detail and provides the documents and requested responses in a timely and thorough fashion, it greatly cuts down on the need for the attorney to conduct extensive reviews and numerous follow-ups.  Take a little extra time and make sure things are done right the first time and you will see the difference on those monthly statements from your attorney.

4. Get A Prenuptial Agreement – Although nothing in the law is foolproof, getting a prenuptial agreement on the front end will almost always save you a lot of money on the back end.  Prenuptial agreements are getting more and more commonplace and are not just for the ultra-wealthy.  Anybody that wants to avoid extensive litigation and have an amicable divorce would be wise to consider such a document.