Floyd Mayweather KO'd by DV Court

Floyd Mayweather, possibly the most famous boxer in the world, was sentenced by a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Court to six months in jail, with three of those months reduced.  Maywheather originally faced felony charges for battering his ex-girlfriend in front of their two young children, ages 9 and 11, an enhancement in charge under Nevada law.  Mayweather received a reduction in the severity of his charges from a felony to a misdemeanor in exchange for pleading guilty to the court.  The Judge in the case then sentenced Mayweather to jail time.
In Florida, Mayweather may not have received any better deal.  Under Florida Statute Section 741, crimes deemed domestic in nature, like Mayweather’s battery, are taken very seriously.  Even a plea to a misdemeanor requires at least 12 months of probation, if jail is not imposed.  In addition, a batterers’ intervention course, which consists of 26 weeks of classes, is also required in lieu of jail.
Crimes of domestic violence, no matter how severe, are serious business.  As the Mayweather case shows, consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney, especially one who has had prior experience handling crimes of domestic violence, is a must.

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