A Connecticut Judge ordered two divorcing spouses to turn over their social networking passwords, including passwords to Facebook and dating websites.  This came about when the husband discovered his wife posted some “incriminating” passages regarding her feelings on and ability to care for their children.
The attached article from Forbes magazine online, also says that judges in personal injury cases have made similar rulings.  However, it would seem that Family Law courtrooms would be ground zero for these types of discovery requests.  Some courts willingness to grant these motions, and do so in such an overarching and general manner, illustrates just how dangerous divorces can become for you and your privacy.  Of course, it also illustrates what should now be common sense…anything you put on the internet will likely be seen by many more people than you think.  So, don’t for a minute believe a password can protect your privacy, because even if the law can’t get to it, a hacker surely can!