Undercover-Police-Using-Cars-With-Uber-IdentificationsLocal reporters from Miami New Times discovered an interesting development in police undercover tactics: the use of Uber paraphernalia to disguise their vehicles while performing undercover duties. Such a tactic clearly has its advantages – it allows officers to survey individuals and homes without eliciting much suspicion (that car is just a lost Uber driver, not the police).

The use of cars made to look like Uber vehicles is certainly a unique idea meant to conceal police activity. Although defenses such as entrapment may come to mind for individuals arrested by police driving these cars, much of the viability of an entrapment defense revolves around the criminal activity alleged by the State. If the State can show a defendant arrested is predisposed to commit a crime independent of the police’s actions, an entrapment defense is difficult if not impossible. Regardless, this new use of deceptively marked undercover police vehicles may certainly become a part of the legal defense for individuals arrested by these undercover “Uber” police officers.

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